Chico Freeman Exotica Trio

Hotel Schützen, Rheinfelden
Monday, 18 September

Two-time Grammy nominee Chico Freeman has worked with some of the world's greatest artists across many musical genres, as well as leading some of the most exciting groups and projects in jazz history. Recognized as one of the most important saxophonists of our time, Freeman has perfected an instantly recognizable approach to music and composition that combines his past experiences with a future filled with endless musical possibilities.
Bassist Heiri Känzig's particular way of getting sounds out of the bass is so good that Freeman and Känzig decided to work on a duo and trio project in which their personalities would be more or less equally represented. "Sometimes I would suggest a bass line and Chico would play a melody over it. Others just came about ad hoc in the studio, like 'Just Play' as a duo,” says Känzig. The trio is completed by percussionist Reto Weber. "We're all three very open musicians," says Känzig, "who show each other respect and appreciation."
Tickets are CHF 50.


Hotel Schützen
Bahnhofstrasse 19
4310 Rheinfelden

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