Children’s Day at the Harbor Museum

Verkehrsdrehscheibe Schweiz / Hafenmuseum
Sat 07.09. | Sat 02.11. | Sat 14.12.

On this day, children can get to know the Hafenmuseum (harbor museum) in Basel in a playful and creative way. Starting every hour on the hour from 10:00-14:00, they can participate in various activities for approximately 45 minutes. There will also be old seaman's arts and crafts activities to join in under parental guidance. Learn the sailors’ knotting and splicing, explore the ship handling demonstrations with an instructor, and enjoy a tour of the harbor on the solar ferry (harbor tour is CHF 5 per person and free for kids up to age 12).


Verkehrsdrehscheibe Schweiz / Hafenmuseum
Westquaistrasse 2
4057 Basel

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