Children’s Holiday City

Kaserne Basel

The “Kinder Ferien Stadt” for this year’s fall school holiday will be held at Kaserne. Kids can participate in activities set up in various tents/stations, such as working with wood or chalkstone, theater, circus play, and a recycling project. Of course, they can also just skip, jump, and hop until they run out of steam!
The program is ideal for kids ages 3-14. While the children are guided and helped through all activities, younger kids cannot be dropped off like in a camp, and supervision is the parents’ responsibility. Snacks can be purchased on site at family-friendly prices.
As this wonderful offer is highly subsidized, there is no fee and no registration required.
During this last week of the school summer holidays you will find them at Horburgpark.


Kaserne Basel
Klybeckstrasse 1b
4057 Basel

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