Children’s Second-Hand Clothing and Toy Market

Various Locations

Kids outgrow everything so quickly—from clothing and toys to sports equipment—and this can become rather expensive. You can give your wallet (and the environment) a break by shopping at second-hand markets filled with items for children of all ages from clothing, toys, games, baby items, and sports equipment. There will be several such markets in the Lörrach and Rheinfelden (D) area in March, held by various organizers and with slightly varying offers:

March 10 and 11 (19:00-21:00 and 9:00-12:00): Paulussaal, Blauenstraße 45, 79618 Rheinfelden
March 11 (10:00-13:00): Evangelisches Gemeindehaus in Tumringen, im Vogelsang 1, 79539 Lörrach
March 11 (11:00-13:30: Festhalle Lörrach-Hauingen, Brückenstrasse 3, 79541 Lörrrach
March 11 (15:00-17:00): Gemeindehaus Christuskirche, Nansenstr. 8, 79539 Lörrach (focus on festive kids’ clothing)
March 12 (10:30-13:00): Sonnenrainhalle Karsau, Steigweg 4, 79618 Rheinfelden
March 24 (19:00-21:00): Albert-Schweizer-Schule, Wintersbuckstrasse 15, 79539 Lörrach

Entrance to all these events is free.


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