Children’s Theater — Herbert & Mimi “Home Alone”

Theater Arlecchino

As soon as the cat is out of the house, the mice celebrate! Herbert and Mimi are alone at home. Actually, they should sleep. But the Sandman has already left, and to get tired, the two play a game. And then another one... In the process, they discover the joy of winning and the pain of losing. And suddenly nothing is as it should be—total chaos! But with the help of the audience, Herbert and Mimi adjust themselves in the confusion so that the world is in order again. This play about winning and losing will be performed in high German and clown language. It is ideally suited for children from age 3 and families.
Tickets are CHF 22 for adults and CHF 17 for kids.


Theater Arlecchino
Walkeweg 122
4052 Basel

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