Children’s Theater — Puss in Boots

Basler Kindertheater
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Once upon a time there was a miller who had three sons, a mill, a donkey, and a tomcat. The sons had to grind grain, the donkey had to fetch grain and carry flour, and the cat had to catch the mice. When the miller died, the three sons divided the inheritance among themselves—the eldest got the mill, the second got the donkey, and for the third only the tomcat was left. But what could he do with a tomcat? This enchanting fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm’s collection is presented in Swiss dialect and is suitable for families with kids starting at age 4.
With the exception of the premiere, which will start at 18:00, all presentations will start at 15:00.
Note that the premiere will begin at 18:00, and there will be additional matinée performances at 11:00 on Sunday, March 10 and April 21.
Tickets are CHF 25 for adults and CHF 20 for children (CHF 15 with Familienpass).


Basler Kindertheater
Schützengraben 9
4051 Basel

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