Choir Concert — We’ve Come a Long Way

Peterskirche Basel
Saturday, 19 November

On this evening, Der Chor der Nationen Basel (Choir of Nations Basel) sings songs in 10 languages from a variety of cultures and traditions. We humans have been connecting our different cultures for centuries through travel, work, trade, flight, providing protection, and last but not least through romantic relationships.
In the Choir of Nations, they experience this path as diversity in harmony. The songs remind us of our ancestors, they tell of lost livelihoods, and hope for a new home. When we get together, we laugh about everyday shortcomings, we are proud of our cultural identities, and we know that we also have a long road ahead of us together.
The Choir of Nations Basel was founded at the end of 2017 as a project for social and cultural integration and has since grown to more than 35 active members from more than 10 nations. At this annual concert at the Peterskirche, the choir will be reinforced by individual members of the sister choirs from Bern, Glarus, Luzern, and Zürich.
Entrance is free but there will be a collection.


Peterskirche Basel
Peterskirchplatz 7
4051 Basel

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