Chris de Burgh

The Hall Zürich
Saturday, 22 October

Three years after his last sold-out show in Zürich, Chris de Burgh returns and performs as part of his "The Legend of Robin Hood and other Hits." The connection to the legendary figure is no coincidence for the popular singer/songwriter—his ancestor Hubert de Burgh (1170-1243) was one of the chief legal officers under King John Lackland, who plays an important role in the Robin Hood story, and one of the most influential politicians in England and Ireland. In addition to his CD “The Legend of Robin Hood” (published in 2021), de Burgh has worked on a musical about Robin Hood, for which he composed eight songs. He then added more new pieces to these and thus created his own song cycle about the "rascal of Sherwood" (ZDFtivi). On the concept album he slips into his favorite role—that of a troubadour with a fondness for medieval stories—and tells of the legendary champion of social justice. Of course, towards the end of the concert, de Burgh will also be performing some of his greatest hits.
Tickets are 101.50-147.50.


The Hall
Hoffnigstrasse 1
8600 Dübendorf

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