Christmas Market and Fairy Tale Forest at Münsterplatz

© dietrich varaklis

The Christmas market at Münsterplatz (which, together with the market at Barfüsserplatz has been voted "Best Christmas Market in Europe 2021") is absolutely magical with the beautifully decorated giant Christmas tree and snowflake-like lights hanging from the chestnut trees throughout the square. It is also lined with goods and food stands, making it a great place to look for gifts and indulge in some of the traditional foods, such as crêpes, fondue, raclette, Flammkuchen (a type of Alsatian pizza topped with thick cream, onions, and bacon), and “Kartoffelpuffer”—a type of potato pancake served with either applesauce, chili sauce, or garlic sauce.
Right next to the Market, Robi-Spiel-Aktionen is organizing a variety of activities for children and families in their "Fairy Tale Forest." Kids can make, pour, and decorate candles and tin figures; decorate gingerbreads; bake cookies; mint coins; make torches; forge metal, and much more. They can also take a ride on the little carousel (fun for young and old), try their luck on the wheel of fortune, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, or bake bread on a stick over an open fire. While kids enjoy these Christmas activities, parents are welcome to enjoy a drink at the Lumberjack bar while warming their hands on the large open fire. Each activity costs CHF 5–15 (discounts with Familienpass); you can buy tickets at the on-site ticket booth.
Also this year, the Basler Marionettentheater (puppet theater) will be performing the charming tale “Dr Santiglaus bruucht frischi Luft” (Santa Claus needs some fresh air) in the Fairy Tale Forest on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays; for a schedule of performances, go to Tickets are CHF 8 and can be purchased 30 minutes before the performance at the little on-site tent.
The Christmas market at Münsterplatz closes at 18:00 on December 23.


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