Circus — 23 Fragments de ces Derniers Jours

Théâtre La Coupole
© bruno trachsler

For the first time, the Théâtre La Coupole is a partner of the Theaterfestival Basel, which will be presenting an international program around all the performing arts, including many performances without words or with English surtitles.
This show is inspired by disciplines such as fakirism (on pieces of glass); aerial acrobatics, on the ground and sometimes on bubble wrap; or balancing on heeled shoes, on glass bottles, on stools, or on lighted light bulbs, tealight candles, or on anything that can be taken as support. Together, Maroussia Diaz Verbèke (acrobat, director, and French circus artist) and the Brazilian collective Instrumento de Ver (literally "device to see") put on a show, piece by piece, fragment by fragment. With “23 Fragments From the Last Days,” they collect the debris of the present. The spectacular treatment of everyday objects manifests their combative will to believe in a more promising future. It’s high-flying circus fireworks!
Tickets are €10-28.


Théâtre La Coupole
4 Croisée des Lys, 68300 Saint-Louis

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