Circus — Fort: Companie La Meute

Théâtre La Coupole
© jean marc helies
Saturday, 03 February

It's time to shake things up. It is time to draw something other than a world “that has a weakness for the strong.” A knight is strong, muscular, courageous. A princess is beautiful, fragile, and sweet. Two actor-acrobats throw themselves into the arena like gladiators, accompanied by a musician installed in her tower. They are ready to fight and provoke into a duel the stereotypes well anchored in our collective unconscious.
“Fort” (strong) is a multidisciplinary show combining physical performances, singing, acrobatic lifts, knife throwing, and speaking, with a touch of humor in an unusual setting. Circus accessories and disciplines are diverted to bring new cards to this great role-playing game. It is a strong, funny, emotional experience, an ode to self-liberation and the construction of one's identity.
Tickets are € 8-12.


Théâtre La Coupole
4 Croisée des Lys, 68300 Saint-Louis

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