Circus Monti


Circus Monti is an incomparable experience for many circus spectators: modern and innovative, but still very charming. They will be celebrating their 38th year with a new production inspired by the secret of inspiration. The creative process of the great artists serves as a basis. The arena will be transformed into a fantastic studio. Enchanting worlds of images will come to life. Inspiring, artistic arts are immersed in bright colors and provide breathtaking moments. In short, the joy of life is kissed by the muse. Or as Edward Hopper used to say, "If I could put it in words, there would be no need to paint."
There are evening performances at 20:00 and afternoon performances on certain days at 14:00 or 15:00; check out their official website and click on “Tournéeplan” to get a full listing of locations and show times.


Rosentalstrasse 9
4058 Basel

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