Circus Monti


Circus Monti is an incomparable experience for many circus spectators: modern and innovative, but still very charming. They will be celebrating their 37th year with a new production inspired by the magic of the desert. Imposing sand dunes, the warm light, the typical colors, and unique desert flowers that sprout from the barren soil will form the framework of this production. The vastness of the desert should give free rein to ideas and thoughts to develop stories and transitions. A circus is not dissimilar to a mirage if it enriches the cultural life of the respective performance locations like a splash of color for a limited period of time.
There are evening performances at 20:00 and afternoon performances on certain days at 15:00; check out their official website and click on “Tournéeplan” to get a full listing of locations and show times.


Rosentalstrasse 9
4058 Basel

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