Circus — Radio Maniok

Théâtre La Coupole
© romain philippon
Friday, 22 March

During World War II, Reunion Island was cut off from the world for 2 years, without any boat coming to supply the island. The show “Radio Maniok” is inspired by the testimony of an old man who lived through these “Terrible Years” to question happy self-sufficiency. The circus artists put their bodies at the service of this moving story. Bodies that are free like movement, fragile like resources. They tell us that these crises not only reveal people's cowardice or selfishness but also their courage, their generosity, their kindness.
“Radio Maniok,” presented by the French circus company Cirquons Flex, promises to be an unforgettable experience, combining high-level acrobatics, dance movement, music, and poignant storytelling.
Tickets are € 22-28 for adults, € 12 for students up to age 30, and € 6 for kids.


Théâtre La Coupole
4 Croisée des Lys, 68300 Saint-Louis

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