Comedy — Mama Love

Roxy Birsfelden
Saturday, 29 October

In this darkly humorous one-woman show, Lea Whitcher plays with the absurdity of idealized and toxic images of mothers and dares an unembellished portrayal of her first 14 weeks as a mother. As the fictional character “Lea Blair Whitcher,” she combines her biographical experiences with current discourses on motherhood and creates utopian life models in a society beyond patriarchy. Whitcher plays with the means of stand-up comedy: While she deals with everyday situations and social clichés with a lot of bad humor, she also reflects on what we find funny and why. The show on Saturday evening will be in English; childcare will be provided for the duration of the show.
Tickets are CHF 15 (normal), CHF 30 (fan tickets), and CHF 7 for youths under age 18.


Roxy Birsfelden
Muttenzerstrasse 6
4127 Birsfelden

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