Concert — Belle Époque 2: “Harp & Cello”

Kunstmuseum Basel
Friday, 24 November

In conjunction with their current exhibition, “Matisse, Derain, and their Friends,” the Kunstmuseum Basel is organizing several chamber music evenings. At the outset of the 20th century, a loosely affiliated group of artists centering around Henri Matisse, André Derain, and Maurice de Vlaminck conducted revolutionary experiments in color. The name “Fauves”—which in English translates as “wild beasts” or “wild animals—was bestowed on the group in 1905”. Fauvism was to emerge as the 20th century’s premier avant-garde movement. It coincided with the Belle Époque, an era that heralded the rapid rise of urban mass society.
To celebrate the Belle Époque, this exhibition will be accompanied by three chamber music evenings, introduced by the artistic director of the Sinfonieorchester Basel, Hans-Georg Hofmann. On this evening, Aurélie Noll (Harp) and Yolena Orea Sanchez (cello), accompanied by members of the Sinfonieorchester Basel will play works by Gabriel Fauré, Camille Saint-Saens, and Manuel de Falla, among others, in a concert entitled “Harp & Cello."


Kunstmuseum Basel
St. Alban-Graben 16
4051 Basel

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