Conference — Tikal and its Wooden Memory

Museum der Kulturen Basel
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The three lintels from Tikal in Guatemala, preserved in the Museum der Kulturen Basel, are considered the best-known wooden monuments of the Maya Classic (250-900 AD). Due to their complex textual and pictorial content, they are of central importance for the understanding of Maya religion, politics, history, and art. At this conference entitled "Tikal and its Wooden Memory: Current Research on Classic Maya Lowland Politics, History and Narratives," 20 leading scholars from Guatemala, Mexico, United States, Australia, Great Britain, and Germany will present their latest research results. This conference will be held in English and Spanish.
Admission fee is CHF 80; to register for the conference, send an email to curator

Museum der Kulturen Basel
Münsterplatz 20
4051 Basel

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