Dance Night 40

Halle 7
Sat 08.06. | Sat 14.09. | Sat 12.10. | Sat 16.11. | Sat 14.12. | Sat 11.01. | Sat 08.02. | Sat 08.03. | Sat 12.04. | Sat 10.05. | Sat 14.06.

“Tanznacht40” dance parties are for those who remember the old days without the Internet, cell phones, and flat screens, when we had posters on the wall, sent love letters on real paper, and actually went out of the house to meet friends or get to know potential partners. You are welcome to dance, chat, party, or just to meet people. Whether you only want to enjoy a drink at the bar or rock the dance floor, everyone is welcome. The DJs have a broad repertoire of disco hits, from old to new, and because they always alternate you are guaranteed a varied style. So come by and dance the night away into the early morning hours! Friends, couples, and singles are welcome.
Admission is CHF 15.


Halle 7
Dornacherstrasse 192
4053 Basel

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