Dance Theater — Shallow Waters

IWB Filter4

The stage set in Filter4 consists of sand and a water tank. The dancers move between the columns. They build paths, moats, and devices such as sleeping places. The tank empties steadily. The dancers hope that through the dance rituals a higher power can be persuaded to donate water. Sometimes it seems to work, sometimes they have to adjust the rituals. They dance to get water, but to keep dancing they need water. A vicious circle. The water level in the tank goes down and down. Which rituals use the least water and still work? And what's next? Waiting? Dance till you drop? Rather than condemning the sluggish response to climate change, the play acknowledges and cheers on the self-destructive nature of humans.
The hour-long dance theater deals with the scarcity of water. Inspired by the book "The History of Water," the Basel dancer and director Sebastian Zuber wrote a play suitable for the Filter4 performance venue, a former water reservoir on the Bruderholz. Following performances in Vienna and Berlin, the theater piece will be returning to Basel, where it saw its premiere in 2022.
Tickets are CHF 45-55 for adults and CHF 28 for students and can be purchased through


IWB Filter4
Reservoirstrasse 1
4059 Basel

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