Das Wy-Erläbnis (The Wine Experience)

Wintersingen (BL)
Saturday, 26 August

There is evidence that viticulture has been practiced in the three wine-growing communities of Buus, Maisprach, and Wintersingen (canton Baselland) since Roman times. They are proud of this heritage and want to take care of it. Winegrowers produce a wide range of local wine specialties for their customers with joy and commitment.
In order to introduce itself to a wide audience, the culinary wine hike “Das Wy-Erläbnis” (the wine experience) was created and has enjoyed much success in recent years. On this hike of about 8 km through the vineyards of Wintersingen, you pass by eight stations where you can taste some of the local delicacies as well as some of their red and white wines. And if you haven’t had enough, at the end, there will be wine festival in the village with more food and drink (not included in the ticket price).
Participants start in groups of 100 people every 20 minutes, with the first group leaving at 9:00 and the last one at 15:20, but other than being assigned to a starting group you can walk at your own pace.
The tickets are CHF 100 (which includes public transport in the entire TNW area) and there are still a few places left at various time slots, as well as some re-sale tickets on the Ticketbörse.


4451 Wintersingen

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