David Helfgott

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Sunday, 17 September

David Helfgott, the “Australian Ambassador of Piano,” lives with and for music, his whole life revolves around music. No keyboard remains unplayed—Helfgott holds a dialogue with the notes, his soft murmuring can be heard. He has inspired countless music fans worldwide in his concerts and will leave a large gap in the international concert scene. But where does the power come from, the energy that Helfgott—a rather fragile human being—radiates so brilliantly? Although the classical establishment didn't give Helfgott's documented genius a chance after the Oscar-winning masterpiece “Shine,” the musician has established himself on the world stages and has been celebrated by the audience with standing ovations. It is the triumph of an exceptional talent. Many international awards and an honorary doctorate bear witness to this, as well as of course the love and loyalty of his fans. On this evening, he will perform both solo and in a duet with Irina Georgieva playing Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 3 for Two Pianos.
Tickets are CHF 56.90-107.50.


Stadtcasino Basel
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