Davor, Danach und Alles Dazwischen (Before, After and Everything in Between)

Kunsthalle Basel
Ongoing Event
Sat., 25 November until Sun., 07 January

Contemporary artists are often chroniclers, archaeologists, treasure hunters, and constructors of change—of the past, the present, and the future. In their conceptual and material investigations, the oscillation between times can be of central importance, and temporality can come to light in different forms—in the material of everyday life, in the circulation of objects, in the constructions of existence, in the way memories and histories relate to each other, or even in stasis and anachronism. This exhibition, which is part of the cross-border art project “Regionale 24,” explores fascinating revenants in the space and time continuum of contemporary art by means of 19 artistic positions from the three-countries region around Basel. It draws upon a variety of artistic media, such as photography, painting, performance, sculpture, and video.


Kunsthalle Basel
Steinenberg 7
4051 Basel

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