Dominique Goblet — Abysses

Cartoonmuseum Basel
Ongoing Event
Sat., 02 March until Sun., 26 May

Anyone immersing themselves in Dominique Goblet’s rich imagery experiences the abysses of life. Cartoonmuseum Basel presents the first major retrospective exhibition on the comics author and visual artist who was born in Brussels in 1967 and is one of the most significant Franco-Belgian illustrators and innovators of contemporary comics. Goblet’s subtle and sophisticated graphic novels look deep into people’s souls, social situations, and societal environments. The artist became internationally famous for her autobiographical story “Pretending is Lying” (2007), which was developed over 12 years and focuses on her relationship with her alcoholic father and her mother.
Goblet combines an impressive unconventional drawing style with simultaneously fragile and powerful linear drawings, complemented by, or overlaid with, abstract paintings and a free associative narrative form. In order to achieve a variety of perspectives in her narratives, she also collaborates with other artists—for instance with the illustrator and author Kai Pfeiffer from Berlin for “Bei Gefallen auch mehr…” (There’s More if You Like it…; 2014) and with Belgian art-brut artist Dominique Théate for the graphic novel “L’Amour dominical” (2019). In her most recently published book “Ostende” (2021), the artist asks herself questions about reality and time, in touching and poetic images.
The exhibition at Cartoonmuseum Basel shows original drawings and paintings ranging from landscapes to portraits, supplemented by ceramic works, and invites visitors to explore the extensive graphic cosmos created by this artist, who was awarded the Grand Prix Töpffer in 2020.


Cartoonmuseum Basel
St. Alban-Vorstadt 28
4052 Basel

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