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Friday, 03 February

Mystical sound, irrepressible rhythm, and the heartbeat of Japanese martial arts—Drum Tao has already inspired more than eight million viewers in 26 countries and 500 cities. In 2023, the Japanese samurai of drum art are coming back to Europe with their latest show.
Powerful and yet fragile, original and yet modern are the furious rhythms, which escalate into a rousing thunderstorm of drums. They are performed with extraordinary precision, power, and endurance and have a resounding effect—in the truest sense of the word. Drum Tao is more than a breathtaking sound experience, the show represents exuberant liveliness and enormous musicality in a unique performance that is a mixture of musical meditation and wild martial arts, crowned by a meticulously coordinated choreography.
Even in early Japanese religious cults, the drum was seen as a link to higher powers and as a mouthpiece that was supposed to awaken the gods and spirits and ask for their support and benevolence. Rediscovered as a musical instrument by young musicians in recent decades and modernized in their playing style, Drum Tao has been bringing the enthusiasm to a worldwide audience for around 16 years. Celebrated for the first time by European audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2004, the Wadaiko troupe are once again preparing to get their listeners' pulses racing.
Tickets are CHF 48.80-94.50.


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