Eidgenössische Trachtenfest (Federal Traditional Costume Festival) 2024

Sechseläutenplatz, Zürich

Every 12 years, the 26 cantonal associations of the Swiss Traditional Costume Association meet for the Federal Traditional Costume Festival. The focus is on the large parade and the cultural exchange on the festival grounds of traditional costumes, dance, music, and crafts. The aim of the festivities is to bring Switzerland's traditional identities closer to a broad audience and to promote networking among the members of the cantonal associations; the event attracts about 100,000 visitors from all over Switzerland and neighboring countries.
This year, the city of Zürich will be hosting the event for the third time, after 1939 and 1974. Enjoy music, tradition, feet tapping, warm hands from applauding, rhythmic steps while dancing, and a cozy get-together on seven stages located in four festival squares (Sechseläutenplatz, Lindenhof, Münsterhof, and Bürkliplatz). People with traditional costumes from all cantons and language regions will present themselves with dance, song, and music and invite the city and canton of Zürich as well as guests from near and far to join in and celebrate. There will also be traditional market stands, a costume exhibit, a costume parade, a costume trail, a light projection on the Münster, and so much more. The participants are warm and open people and are happy to welcome everyone to attend their unique event as spectators. At the Federal Traditional Costume Festival you can experience, enjoy, and help shape music and tradition live for three days.
The festival badge is CHF 60, and eating at the festival is CHF 26 per meal; you can purchase these at https://tickets.trachtenfestzuerich.ch/. It is recommended that all festival visitors travel to the festival using public transport. The festival badge includes the SBB ticket for travel from any place in Switzerland to Zürich. The special ticket is valid for a return trip and for the entire city area. You can also book tickets for reserved seats for the grand festival parade at https://www.trachtenfestzuerich.ch/fest/umzug/tickets.


8001 Zürich

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