Elana Gutmann — From Here

Sarasin Art
Ongoing Event
© elana gutmann, "surprise" (detail)
Fri., 12 May until Sat., 24 June

Sarasin Art is presenting an exhibition entitled “from here”—an exciting selection of new works by Elana Gutmann. In dramatic black and white and sumptuous color, “from here” takes viewers on an exploration of the fascinating but mostly unseen forms and phenomena of nature—the networks, collaborations, exchanges, relationships, and “interconnectivities” between all living things. Her inspiring works resonate and “hum,” inviting viewers to experience with all their senses, to imagine, to remember, to wonder, to connect, and perhaps to surrender to a fuller consideration of their interactions in the “more than human” world. Gutmann works in New York, Paris, and Basel. She describes her process as “a give and take, a conversation with the work as it evolves.” It is a conversation to which she gives herself with full presence and attention. At its end, the work itself becomes an organism that takes on a life of its own. After “from one to another” in 2020, “from here” is her second solo exhibition at Sarasin Art.
Opening hours are Wednesday to Friday from 15:00-18:30, Saturday from 11:00-16:00, or by appointment.


Sarasin Art
Spalenvorstadt 14
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