Em Bebbi Sy Jazz — Basel’s Outdoor Jazz Fest

Marktplatz Basel
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Friday, 18 August

This year marks the 39th edition of the must-experience “Em Bebbi sy Jazz”—the outdoor jazz event that takes place in Basel every year on a Friday after the end of the summer holidays in August. On this evening, more than 70 bands, including 13 street bands and three choirs with over 700 musicians and singers, will play on stages set up in every square and courtyard throughout the city’s center. The festival locations range from the former central post office, Marktplatz, Fischmarkt, Rümelinsplatz, Gerbergasse, and Leonhardskirchplatz to Gemsberg, Heuberg, Spalenberg, and Nadelberg. Each of the over 30 stages will host bands from a particular style of music from Latin jazz, gypsy jazz, dixie, boogie, zydeco, and big band to funk, blues, soul, rock ’n’ roll, and contemporary jazz.
Two stages (Schmiedenhof, Rümelinsplatz) will host this year’s Focus Theme, ”Mundart” (dialect), with three Swiss bands playing on each stage. On the Schmiedenhof open-air stage, you can listen to the band Noxx, whose current album reached number 2 in the Swiss album charts; the well-established musical figure in Switzerland, Tacchi, aka Adrian Kübler; and Flavian Graber, the well-known Basel musician who played over 500 concerts internationally with his band We Invented Paris now sings in German and Swiss German. On the Rümelinsplatz open-air stage, the evening will start with Ohrdope, a brand new Basel band whose music consists of groovy beats, touched by blues and jazz, and crisp, light-footed rap. This will be followed by Andryy, the new face of Swiss dialect pop with his easygoing and touching songs. The last band of the evening will be the eight-member band from Bern, Troubas Kater, who will play rap, chanson, rock, and hip hop that are cleverly mixed and sung in dialect.
Enjoy an evening of roaming around town and stopping to listen and watch what you like. Various drink and food stands are set up around the city center, making for a fun evening out. Check out the program on their website for a map of the various stages and a detailed list of the bands playing (https://www.embebbisyjazz.ch/programm/), or download the PDF (https://www.embebbisyjazz.ch/wp-content/uploads/EBSJ23_Programm_Spielorte_01_web.pdf).
Tip: The event attracts between 70,000 and 100,000 spectators, making it too crowded to manage a stroller!
All concerts at this fabulous event are completely free.


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