Ensemble Harmonie Vienna and Pianist Elias Keller

Stadtcasino Basel
Thursday, 08 September

The oboe quartet with members of the Vienna Philharmonic is one of the musical highlights. The combination of strings with oboe, and Viennese oboe at that, is rarely found in musical literature, although it produces a particularly beautiful, spherical and elegant sound. Ensemble Harmonie Wien—all established masters of their craft—will be joined by the young and talented pianist, Elias Keller.
Known as the child prodigy in Austria and on everyone's lips, Keller, who is only 14 years old, has won prizes in many national and international competitions (including the Golden Note 2021). Wherever he performs, he leaves behind an unforgettable musical experience with his incredible virtuosity and musicality. Hear and enjoy Keller, brimming with talent and enthusiasm, now on the threshold from child prodigy to glorious artist!
In this concert, the musicians will take the audience on a varied walk through highlights of classical literature, enriched with sophisticated arrangements by cellist Gerhard Kaufmann, who will also guide through the program. Look forward to an exciting, beautiful and inspiring musical encounter!
Tickets are CHF 46.30-69.80 for adults, CHF 36.10-59.60 for students, and CHF 10.60 for kids under age 12.


Stadtcasino Basel
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