Ensemble Inverspace — Submersion

Gare du Nord
© daniele caminiti
Monday, 05 December

Ensemble Inverspace takes the audience on a dive into a spectacular visual and auditory cosmos. In “Dampf” by Andreas Eduardo Frank, the individual limits of each musician are explored and together the extremes of performative feasibility and one's own playful limits are pursued. Absurd preparations require more power and performative energy when playing and thus not only increase the resistance when making music, but also put the audience in suspense. In addition, “Phon” by composer Barblina Meierhans deals with the possible contradiction between scientific investigation and the psychoacoustic sensation of dynamics: can an abstract unit of measurement based on a sine tone serve to make the majority of noisy sound events in the world measurable? A dynamic, musical evening in both physical and mental terms.
Tickets are CHF 15-35 for adults, CHF 10 for holders of the Colourkey, and free for kids under age 12.


Gare du Nord
Schwarzwaldallee 200
4058 Basel

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