Ensemble Lemniscate — Music for the Very First Time

Gare du Nord
© cedric merkli
Wednesday, 10 May

The motto for this evening is, “for the very first time.” Do you remember back then? Excitement, palpitations, fear of the unknown. To allow you to experience music, sounds, performance, and situations as if for the very first time, this program ventures into new territory; leaves the usual concert situation; and allows the audience to let their thoughts play, hear with their eyes, and see with their ears.
Immersive frontal sound, participatory moments, and elements from video and performance art are the ingredients for this evening. But what are genre terms anyway? The musicians simply focus on good music, in the extended sense, garnished with curiosity and adventurousness, presented at a high artistic level.
Tickets are CHF 15-35, CHF 10 for holders of Colourkey and kids under age 12.


Gare du Nord
Schwarzwaldallee 200
4058 Basel

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