European Days of Monuments 2022 — Switzerland

Various Locations

The Europäische Tage des Denkmals (European Heritage Days) are part of an EU-wide initiative that since 1994 has been implemented under various names in many European countries. These days are designed to celebrate European heritage by giving everybody an opportunity to visit some of Europe’s beautiful historical monuments.
This year’s overarching theme in Switzerland is “Freizeit” (Leisure time). People in Switzerland spend many free hours in historically significant places of leisure—from the Roman amphitheater and the state museum to the opera house, the mountain hotel, or the seaside resort. However, many sports and art venues are not just a backdrop, we still use them day in and day out. The activities on these days also address important questions like: What happens to the empty cinema hall? What is the old cable car station used for and how should the dilapidated indoor pool be renovated? Can the former station building be converted into a fitness room or the disused gymnasium into a concert hall? People's leisure behavior is changing, as are the requirements of the places where we do sports and experience art.
These issues will be explored in hundreds of free tours, walks, workshops, and discussions throughout Switzerland. The 2022 European Days of Monuments will take the public on a journey through time to places of art, recreation, and sport: from medieval and pre-industrial places of recreation such as baths and theaters, to the spa hotels of the Belle Epoque, the first sports hall, the community centers and museums of the 19th and early 20th centuries. You can explore these venues on foot on cultural trails, by cable car, or by steamship. The European Days of Monuments highlight what it takes to ensure that historically significant leisure sites remain alive.
To find related events in Baselland or other regions of Switzerland, go to the website (German, French, Italian) of the Nationale Informationsstelle für Kulturgüter Erhaltung (National Clearinghouse for the Preservation of Cultural Sites). Click on “Das ganze Programm finden Sie hier,” and on the map, click on the area you are interested in for a listing of all activities in that area. For the events in Basel, see
All events and activities are free of charge.


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