European Days of Monuments 2023 — Switzerland

Various Locations

The Europäische Tage des Denkmals (European Days of Monuments, also called European Heritage Days) are part of an EU-wide initiative that since 1994 has been implemented under various names in many European countries. These days are designed to celebrate European heritage by giving everybody an opportunity to visit some of Europe’s beautiful historical monuments.
This year’s overarching theme in Switzerland is “Reparieren und Wiederverwenden” (Repair and reuse). The participating institutions will address the question of how we can make the greatest possible contribution to a net zero society while at the same time protecting the historical substance of our architectural heritage. They will focus on the sustainability of our historic building fabric and how we deal with scarce resources.
We want to reduce the consumption of energy and still preserve the historical substance of historical buildings. How does that fit together? Or is recycling and upcycling of the historical substance the answer to the challenge? Does it help us to deal better with the scarce resources and thus ensure, for example, that we can still build even when there is no more sand? Architects used natural and often local building materials on historic buildings, which makes them sustainable even today.
The recycling of valuable raw materials has long since gained a foothold in our everyday lives. But using the old to create something new is not a phenomenon of today. In the past, people wanted to save money that way. Today we have to conserve resources. An intact environment is also part of the architectural heritage that we want to pass on to many generations to come. Therefore, we must reduce our energy and electricity consumption. This also applies to the further development of our cities and the renovation of buildings.
These issues will be explored in hundreds of free tours, walks, workshops, and discussions throughout Switzerland. To find related events in Baselland or other regions of Switzerland, go to the website (German, French, Italian) of the Nationale Informationsstelle für Kulturgüter Erhaltung (National Clearinghouse for the Preservation of Cultural Sites), where you will find a link to the program closer to the date.
All events and activities are free of charge.


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