Evaporating Suns — Contemporary Myths from the Arabian Gulf

Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger | KBH.G
Ongoing Event
© alaa edris, photo: kulturstiftung basel h. geiger | kbh.g
Fri., 12 May until Sun., 16 July

“Evaporating Suns” is an exhibition on contemporary myth from the Arabian Gulf that showcases 13 artists. The exhibition unpacks the tension set in the spectrum that lays between myth and fact. Myth is presented as a social function that acts as a marker of time and place. It plays a formative role in understanding the laws of change. Myths allow us to validate belief systems through emotion over information—an evocative hint of a truth is much more powerful than a statistic one, especially when trying to sway a society. The participating artists have worked on popular folklore and myths in the Khaleej (Arabian Gulf). Their work has instigated new fantastical dimensions related to subjects of environment, gender, and societal power structure. In the spectrum drawn, fact is presented in opposition towards myth, two sides of the same coin. Fact is drawn as the solidification of myth, the removal of its magic, and its sanctity—fact becomes the framework that dissolves and demystifies.
This exhibition presents artists from the Arabian Gulf building their universes and rewriting the parallel history of their contemporary societies. Cynicism, satire, fiction, and non-fiction become a host of tools to face a main opponent—fact, truth, and its derivations.


Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger | KBH.G
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