Exhibition — Anne Duk Hee Jordan

HeK (Haus der Elektronischen Künste)
Ongoing Event
© anne duk hee jordan, "atmospheres of breathing"
Wed., 18 January until Sun., 19 February

HEK presents “I Must Alter Myself Into a Life-Form Which Can Exist on This Planet,” the first solo exhibition of German-Korean artist Anne Duk Hee Jordan, whose artistic universe is populated by humorous robotic machines with which she explores connections to other species and ecosystems. In her installations, the artist creates experimental and forward-looking scenarios in which she questions and dissolves the common attributions of nature, culture, and technology. In this exhibition, she draws viewers into an interactive fantasy game about the environment, art, and philosophy, opening doors to a universe that celebrates new models of community among all living things.
With her cautionary exhibition title “I must alter myself into a life-form which can exist on this planet Jordan refers to the imperative of our time—to be in harmony with the environment and nature in order not to endanger our planet even further. Transience and transformation recur as issues and themes in her works. Humans and nature meet in her works in unexpected ways—in a constant, sometimes ironic discourse between art and science, factual knowledge, and artistic imagination.
Her worlds have something sensual and playful about them and open up a new view of our environment, propagating new models of community between all living beings. Jordan sensitizes us to a "togetherness with our environment" in the sense of the theories of the philosopher of science and cyborg pioneer Donna Haraway regarding the kinship of species. "Making Kin," a term that finds expression in many of Jordan's works, is a maxim coined by Haraway that calls for symbiosis between species.
In her artistic practice, Jordan often combines existing works into new constellations that, in the context of an exhibition, create a kind of Gesamtkunstwerk that addresses her interrogation of the ecological in new and inspiring ways. The exhibition at HEK will present central work complexes.


Freilager-Platz 9
4142 Münchenstein

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