Exhibition Vernissage — Räuber (Robbers)

MUKS Museum Kultur & Spiel Riehen
Sunday, 23 October

Everybody is invited to the opening of the special exhibition and inauguration of the BauMit-Project "Wo die wilden Räuber wohnen” (Where the wild robbers live). Everyone knows them, and pretty much everyone likes them. Robbers are omnipresent and popular in children's stories. What fascinates us about these characters who behave as if there were no rules for them and who nevertheless (or precisely because of this) have our sympathy? They are far from being harmless, and not everyone is equally skilled, brave, or successful. Their predatory motivations and methods differ, but there is usually a happy ending for them in the stories.
In the exhibition presenting old acquaintances as well as introducing new robber figures, visitors will come across fictional and real raids in imaginary forests and in places in and around Riehen. They can also discover "where the wild robbers live" in the museum courtyard. As part of the BauMit project, many hard-working hands have created hiding places and dwellings for robbers. These will be officially opened at this vernissage.
Admission to the event is free.


MUKS Museum Kultur & Spiel Riehen
Baselstrasse 34
4125 Riehen

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