Family Concert — Hänsel & Gretel

Musikschule Riehen
Saturday, 04 February

The fairytale "Hänsel and Gretel" by the Brothers Grimm is probably familiar to all children. The parents of Hänsel and Gretel are poor, there is little to eat, and the children have to work all the time. When the mother sends the children into the forest to look for berries, they don’t find their way home and instead stumble onto the witch’s house.
Exactly 130 years ago, in 1893, the operatic version of this fairytale by Engelbert Humperdinck's version was first performed in Weimar. For the 100th anniversary, the score was arranged by Hans-Joachim Drechsler for a narrator, brass ensemble, and percussion, telling the story of the lost brother and sister in a completely new and exciting way. This arrangement will be presented by musicians and students of the Musik-Akademie Basel.
Tickets are CHF 15 for adults (CHF 5 with Familienpass) and free for youths.


Musikschule Riehen
Rössligasse 51
4125 Riehen

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