Family Concert — Musical Lanterns and Cardboard Harps

Alts Schlachthuus, Laufen
Wednesday, 06 March

Paper as far as the eye can see, it crackles and rustles on the stage. Light and shadow alternate between folds and creases, a lantern shines and sounds. A thousand strings are plucked, a whole forest of cardboard harps bathes the stage in a luminous cone of sounds.
Gare des Enfants will be presenting this music concert made of paper, light, and shadow, featuring the harp class of the music school Laufental-Thierstein under the direction of Estelle Costanzo.
Entrance is free, but there will be a collection.


Kulturzentrum Alts Schlachthuus,
Seidenweg 55
4242 Laufen

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