Family Concert — Sleeping Beauty

Musik-Akademie Basel
Sunday, 20 November

Inspired by the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, Ayelet Karni and Rachel Heymans tell the story of "Sleeping Beauty" without words, using the language of music and a picturesque setting. A soundtrack of improvisation and compositions from the Middle Ages to the present day leads through the piece like a red thread. The music accompanies the characters of the fairy tale, sometimes softly, sometimes loudly, sometimes sadly, and then again happily. As in an opera, the dramatic events are told in three acts. Each sequence begins with a brief overture featuring recorders, baroque oboe, oboe da caccia, double flute, shawm, bombarde, or one-handed flute and drum. This concert with puppetry presented at the Musik-Akademie Basel is suitable for music and fairy tale lovers ages 4-104.
Admission is free for youths and students of the Musik-Akademie Basel, otherwise CHF 15 for adults (CHF 5 with Familienpass)


Musik-Akademie Basel
Leonhardsstrasse 6
4051 Basel

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