Family Puppet Theater — Rumpelstilzli – Nüt Als Stroo

Basler Marionetten Theater
15:00-16:15 (Sat., Sun., & Wed.) | 11:100-12:15 (Sun.)

The old miller shouldn't have said that his daughter could spin straw into gold. Now Elena is sitting in King Niklas' straw room and is faced with an impossible task. She unexpectedly gets help from a strange, nameless man. Can she trust the little man? But Elena is not only imaginative, she is also very direct. King Niklas in particular feels this. The young king discovers that his dark advisor, Lord von Rabenhut, has influenced him badly. We also meet Fabian, the royal servant, and his two friends. Elena's touching song "Nüt als Stroo" can also be heard, sung by Anja Monn.
This presentation of the miller's daughter with grit, a castle with straw, and an insecure king will be performed with string puppets and stick figures. It will be in dialect and is ideally suited for families with kids ages 5 and up.
Tickets are CHF 15.80 for children and CHF 21 for adults.


Basler Marionetten Theater
Münsterplatz 8
4051 Basel

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