Family Theater — Balloon Bandit

Vorstadttheater Basel
© ryszard karcz
17:00-17:45 } 11:00-11:45

The Vorstadttheater Basel also has programs that amaze even the youngest audiences. Almost without words, “Balloon Bandit” by the Belgian INTI Théâtre tells the story of a yellow, floating balloon that suddenly sails through Tom's lonely world, which consists of a turntable, loudspeakers, and some records. Tom plays, dances, and talks with the balloon. Bit by bit he is less and less alone. Worlds open up because he found a friend! Tom fascinates, touches, and seduces the audience so skillfully that you want to stay with him and his yellow balloon.
Tickets are CHF 28 for adults, CHF 18 for accompanying kids, CHF 15 for holders of the Kulturlegi and Colourkey, and CHF 10 for young kids.


Vorstadttheater Basel
St. Alban-Vorstadt 12
4052 Basel

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