Fantastic Negrito

Burghof Lörrach
Tuesday, 23 May

Xavier Dphrepaulezz a.k.a. Fantastic Negrito has been celebrated in the press as the new blues sensation from the United States. The musician, who has since won three Grammys, is coming to Germany in May for three concerts, including one at the Burghof in Lörrach! On his concept album "White Jesus Black Problems," he tells the story of his ancestors and that of America. Half love affair, half archaeological excavation, the record is an ode to the power of family and the resilience of humanity. In Virginia in the 1750s, a Scottish white laborer and a black slave had a romance, becoming his ancestors seven generations ago. Fantastic Negrito builds his sound-saturated music on this story and tackles racism, capitalism, and freedom. Musically, this goes far beyond his previous work and combines many different genres and styles.
Tickets are € 29.


Burghof Lörrach
Herrenstrasse 5
79539 Lörrach

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