Film Concert — Basel Sinfonietta: #Metoo, Hitchcock

Burghof Lörrach
Sunday, 03 March

“Blackmail” is a British thriller from 1929, masterfully told by Alfred Hitchcock. Thematically astonishingly topical, Hitchcock tells a veritable #metoo story in this silent film classic under the auspices of his time. He lets his main character successfully fight against various forms of male intrusiveness and blackmail—and does so in powerful images that are still impressive today. In a co-production with ZDF and ARTE, the Basel Sinfonietta presents the new film music for Hitchcock's crime film commissioned from the German composer Moritz Eggert, who describes himself as the “Bad Boy of New Music.” Eggert mercilessly and with relish satirizes stereotypes of new music. For Hitchcock's classic, he wrote deliberately humorous and, above all, emotional music "from the gut," which, however, developed an artistic independence and also represented a homage to the film composer Bernhard Herrmann, who Eggert deeply admired.
The Basel Sinfonietta visualizes and contrasts Hitchcock's silent film with Eggert's music on this evening in the Burghof in Lörrach, in which the past and present, film and contemporary music, are reflected and give an idea that yesterday is relevant in today.
Tickets are € 36-79 for adults, €28.80-63.20 for students, and € 6 for kids under age 12.


Burghof Lörrach
Herrenstrasse 5
79539 Lörrach

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