Food Truck Festival

Rythalle, Solothurn
17:00-22:30 | 12:00-22:30 | 12:00-19:00

The Food Truck Festival brings good food and a good mood to Solothurn with zest and taste—there is something for everyone! Bite into a crunchy langos from Hungary, taste a taco with Mexican-spiced beef, grab churros from Spain, taste a sizzling currywurst directly from Berlin, or enjoy crispy fish from the lakes of Switzerland. Finish it off with beers from regional breweries, fine wines from selected wine makers, fruity cocktails, or an Italian gelato.
More than 25 street food artists from all over the world will come to the Schanzenplatz behind the Rythalle Soledurn in Solothurn and wow visitors with their delicious food and drink. There will also be a supporting program with free live music, regional market stalls, stone throwing, alpaca hikes, and free children's attractions that will give the Food Truck Festival a high level of appeal.


Rythalle Soledurn, AG für Ausstellungen
4500 Solothurn

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