Francesco Tristano — Oscillate

Burghof Lörrach
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Thursday, 14 December

“Serious” or “popular” music are categories that the pianist Francesco Tristano does not want to subjugate himself to. Instead of differences, he puts commonalities at the center of his work and combines piano and synthesizer with the latest production and sequencing instruments in the scores by Bach, Frescobaldi, Berio, Buxtehude, Stravinsky, and Gershwin. His own compositions demonstrate rhythmic experimentation, abstract textures, and a unique feeling of freedom. At the same time, he proves that there are elements that connect Bach with techno music. His current program “Oscillate” shows that he is also rethinking performance forms—in this case, the piano recital format invented by Franz Liszt. He focuses on the futuristic nature of the instrument, on electronic sounds and improvisation, and at the same time embeds the sounds in the context of the great composers.
Tickets are € 34.


Burghof Lörrach
Herrenstrasse 5
79539 Lörrach

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