Free Walking Tour — Downtown Basel

Tinguely Fountain

Free Walking Tours Basel is an independent nonprofit association offering free tours in Basel to visitors and locals in English. On this day, there will be a tour of downtown Basel. This tour includes the old town of Basel with sights like the Tinguley Fountain at Theaterplatz, Münsterplatz, Marktplatz with its Rathaus (city hall), Mittlere Brücke, and the Spalentor. It will take you to the most famous sights and provide some background information. They don’t want to cover only the history (which is something you can hardly escape in Basel), but also culture and everyday life.
The philosophy of Free Walking Tours is that a good city tour is priceless, so it is up to you to decide how much you want to pay. The guides work on a tip basis, which incentivizes them to give you their best, and at the same time makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the tours, whatever your budget may be. If you are interested in joining one of the scheduled tours, there is no need to sign up! Just check the website, show up at the given time and location, and enjoy the tour.
Meeting place for this tour is at the Tinguely Fountain by the Theater Basel.
Contact:; phone 077-405-8966


Tinguely Fountain
Klostergasse 7
4051 Basel

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