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Wednesday, 08 May

Giulio Caccini was one of the pioneers of the solo madrigal, in which the emotionality of the text is refined through sophisticated declamation and virtuosity. His two prints, “Le Nuove Musiche” and “Euridice” are unmissable milestones in music history. Caccini was revered both for his sensitive music and for his singing, which he accompanied with various instruments. He was a well-known educator and trained his daughters Francesca and Settimia to become talented singers and composers as well. The Concerto Caccini, which consisted of Caccini, his wife, and his children, quickly became well known and was even invited to the French court in 1604.
In the forewords to his publications, Caccini described his career and his musical research in detail. Inspired by the discussions in Jacopo de' Bardi's “Camerata,” he wanted to write music that was based on the works of ancient poets and tragedians and in which the music served the text. His research also related to the way in which singing was performed: “sprezzatura,” virtuoso diminutions, and ornaments as well as other vocal effects have the task of heightening the rhetoric when declaiming. Caccini's words will guide the audience through his madrigals and those of his daughters. At the same time, there is the opportunity to experience the transition from the instruments of the late Renaissance (double harp, bass lutes, “chitarrino”) to those of the early Baroque (triple harp, theorbo, arciliuto, etc.).
Tickets are CHF 41.50-56.90 for adults and CHF 18 for students.


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