Gala Concert — Symphonic Rock

Stadtcasino Basel
Saturday, 04 February

On September 24, 1969, the “Concerto for Group and Orchestra” was premiered in London by the band Deep Purple together with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The work was groundbreaking for further crossover projects by rock musicians with classical symphony orchestras. Stadtmusik Basel now ventures into this genre-defining work, accompanied by musicians from the progressive rock band, The Waldenburg.
When Mischa T. Meyer, conductor of the Stadtmusik Basel, asked The Waldenburg’s guitarist and band leader "Pek" Peter Krattiger whether he was interested in participating in the performance of the "Concerto for Group and Orchestra," the band responded most enthusiastically. Some of the musicians weren't even born at the time when "Smoke on the Water" was released and yet they cite the music of Deep Purple as one of the reasons why they make music at all.
The first part of the gala concert, on the other hand, is all about great symphonic works.
Admission is free but there will be a collection.


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