Genusswoche Basel (Indulgence Week Basel)

Various Locations

Not only is Baselland celebrating their “Genusswochen” (indulgence or gourmet weeks) this month, Basel-Stadt is following suit with “Genusswoche Basel,” which will be taking place at different locations throughout town. It promotes the enjoyment of good food and invites you to discover Basel’s variety of delights with a focus on regionality, seasonality, and handicraft. Whether picnic, tasting, workshop, or a meal with friends—the indulgence week offers everything the gourmet heart desires and more. You can try, mix, cook, and admire. Restaurants, manufactories, bakeries, urban gardens, and many more institutions in Basel will join in and show off their culinary skills.
You can enjoy events daily like Beer & Dine at Matt & Elly Brewery & Kitchen and Tarte flambée with home-cured salmon at the Bistro Art Museum. You can find the entire schedule of the 11 days online.


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