Glass Blowing — Christmas Balls

Ortsmuseum Binningen
Sunday, 10 December

During Advent, the Ortsmuseum Binningen will be reviving the art of glass production and the craft of glass blowing, which is several thousand years old. Children from age 6 and adults can blow Christmas balls themselves under the guidance of glassblower Rico Gallarini.
In the permanent exhibition, the museum shows the prehistory and settlement history, gives an insight into the geology and nature of the region, into forestry and agriculture, into old crafts and village life. Particularly worth mentioning are the Basel artist Fasnacht masks (Larven) from 1925-1984 in the Ruth Eidenbenz-Tschudin collection, the functioning printing press from around 1920, the Binninger associations and Binninger heads (Curt Goetz, Richard “Ricco” Koelner, and Bolo Mäglin), the dental practice collection from the 1930s, the Iris pin factory from 1936-1991, the bat cabinet, the parish room of the Binningen poet pastor Jonas Breitenstein, and the painting studio of his son Ernst Breitenstein.
All are also welcome to visit the special exhibition “PEDALOS” and the festively decorated museum pub in the basement.
Entrance to the museum is free; cost for glassblowing is CHF 8 per ball.


Ortsmuseum Binningen
Holeerain 20
4102 Binningen

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