Guided Tour of the Roman House in Augusta Raurica

Augusta Raurica
Sun 02.06. | Sun 20.10.

The ruins of the ancient Roman town of Augusta Raurica, located 20 minutes from Basel in Augst, provide an exciting insight into Roman life, with the freely accessible outdoor ruins and the on-site museum. In the authentically reproduced Roman house, visitors can experience what everyday life in a family looked like in Roman times. On this day, there will be an exciting English-language tour of the Roman House tailored to the interests of families. In the authentic reconstruction of a Roman house, you will discover what everyday life was like for a family in Roman times, with opportunities for hands-on experience.
Cost is CHF 16 for adults and CHF 8 for students (which includes entrance to the museum); you can make a reservation at


Augusta Raurica / Roman House
Giebenacher Strasse 17
4302 Augst

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