Hidden Matter

Kunstmuseum Basel

In conjunction with their special exhibition “Picasso–El Greco,” the Kunstmuseum Basel is presenting a multimedia dance performance in cooperation with the ballet ensemble of the Theater Basel. “Hidden Matter” can be seen as a world premiere on six evenings at the Kunstmuseum Basel | Hauptbau.
The new production was developed jointly by the French-American choreographer Rachelle Scott and the British-Indian video and digital artist Permi Jhooti. It combines dance, digital imagery, architecture, and music to create an expressive and expansive piece inspired by El Greco's and Picasso's oeuvres. The main building of the Kunstmuseum will become an open stage for the production. Dancing will take place in the foyer of the first floor, and parts of the production will also be visible from the large inner courtyard.
“Hidden Matter” is not a conventional ballet that the audience experiences on a stage in front of them. The audience is introduced to the evening in the courtyard by a projection on the façade of the main building. Dancers then accompany the visitors to the first floor. There, they enter a space in which sounds, bodies, static architecture, moving images, and physical and virtual realities intermingle. A dancer acts as a "narrator" who guides the audience through the evening as El Greco's alter ego.
The new work by Scott and Jhooti combines complex technical knowledge of virtual image worlds, philosophical reflections on time and space, and a choreographic language. It is the first collaboration between the two artists, both of whom are interested in the expressive power and potential of movement. Scott focuses on the dancing bodies and the connection between emotion and expression. Jhooti records the dancers with a special camera and develops ambiguous images of pixels from the collected data. These are projected onto the windows facing the inner courtyard and sometimes act as an echo of danced passages, sometimes as an anticipation of the dancers' future movements.
Tickets are CHF 45 for adults and CHF 20 for students.


Kunstmuseum Basel
St. Alban-Graben 16
4051 Basel

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